Thailand Cambodia Vietnam bus service on the cards

The transport ministers of Thailand and Cambodia have proposed the inauguration of a bus route linking the two nations to Vietnam. If the plan comes to fruition, buses will ply a route linking Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City.

Cambodia transport-ministry spokesperson Va Simsorya said such a route would be a useful international connection for both tourists and citizens of the three nations. He confirmed that Sun Chanthol, the transport-minister, had given provisional approval but added the legal ramifications needed to be ironed out first.

The initial proposal is to use luxury coaches on the route. This will provide additional choices for travel between the three countries. Cambodia has individual agreements in place with Thailand and Vietnam for international bus services, but not for a through route.

At present, there are bus routes from Phnom Penh to Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. 12GO ASIA sells tickets for both routes. Our preferred partner for Phnom Penh to Bangkok services is Thero Express while Giant Ibis is a top choice when travelling from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh.




India’s Largest Hotel Chain to Take Care of its Women Employees’ Health

While the world was celebrating International Women’s Day various companies in different countries of the world were searching the ways to raise women and achieve gender quality. 

19 March 2018

Thingyan Stimulates Myanmar Holiday Makers Travelling Abroad

Tour operators in Myanmar state a 15 per cent increase of local holiday-makers who will go abroad during Thingyan in comparison with the previous year. They will visit Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries as well as Europe.  

18 March 2018

Getting to Phnom Penh International Airport to become easier

Phnom Penh International Airport will be connected by a 10 kilometre rail with Monivong Boulevard railway station in the centre of the city. The opening of the route is planned for April 10. Almost everything has been practically completed except few minor tasks.

17 March 2018