Air Travel – How to Protect Yourself from Virus

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Air Travel – How to Protect Yourself from Virus

While any travel, including air travel is highly discouraged at the moment, we have some tips for those who have an emergency and cannot pospone taking a flight.

Here are some simple steps to desinfect your airplave seat from Coronavirus and other similar infections.

One of the easiest and most efficient things to do is to wash your hands and face during the flight. Remember that cleaning your hands and face is of utmost importance.

As Coronavirus survives on hard surfaces it means seat trays, touch screens, door handles and seat belt buckles may be infected. Use a disinfectant/sanitizer to clean these surfaces to kill the virus. Before and after doing it, do wash your hands – the best way to do it is with soap and water but a sanitizer wil also do.

Even if you do sanitize all these hard surfaces, always be wary of touching them and clean your hands afterwards.

It is a good strategy to choose a window seat to keep distance from the aisles to minimize your contact with other passeneger who will stroll up and down the aisle to the toilet. A window seat is the safest seat from the point of view of your chances to catch an airborne disease on any plane, but if you have three (not two) seats in a row – it is even better.

When you are in the corner on a window seat, your chances of interactions are minimal.

The toilets on planes even if cleaned well and often are best avoided – not just during this Coronavirus period but in general. If you do need to use them, apply tissue paper to door knobs to open and close the door.

Stay safe and healthy!



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