Risk of Human-to-Human Virus Transmission in Aircraft Cabins Is Very Low

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Risk of Human-to-Human Virus Transmission in Aircraft Cabins Is Very Low

Travelling by air amid the coronavirus outbreak? Breathe easy – a study reveals that the air in the cabin is purer and contains much fewer disease-causing pathogens than a typical office or home.

According to Zhu Tao, deputy director of the flight standard department under China's Civil Aviation Administration, every two–three minutes there is a total turnover of the cabin air. It means that every hour the air is changes between 20 and 30 times making the spreading of viruses hardly possible.

Normally, on-board filtration systems capture 94 to 99.9 per cent of airborne microbes. Besides, cabin ventilation systems make the air circulate vertically, not horizontally. It effectively reduces the risk of a virus spreading on a plane.

A study funded by the US aeroplane manufacturer Boeing five years ago revealed that occupying the window seat reduces the risk of infection, too. The study which focused on the transmission of flu or other respiratory infections spread mainly through droplets also showed that if seating within a metre from a sick person, passengers do have a reasonable chance to get infected while the transmission chance to other passengers on board is low.

These useful tips will help protect yourself during the flight:

If possible, avoid sitting near people with symptoms of respiratory illness.
Choose a window seat far from the aisle.
Minimize your movements around the plane.
Try not to touch items on the plane.
Use hand sanitiser.

Stay healthy and travel!



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