Cambodia–Thailand Coss-Border Railway Almost Ready for Launch

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Cambodia–Thailand Coss-Border Railway Almost Ready for Launch

The Cambodia-Thailand cross-border railway is almost ready to start transporting cargo and people as the railway authorities of the two countries are meeting for final talks this Friday.

The two lines were reconnected last year in April after a more-than-40-year hiatus. At the same time, an agreement on cross-border rail transportation was signed, but has not been yet implemented.

When the two nations finally launch the cross-border railway service, it will ensure a more cost- and time-efficient movement of cargo, improve security, reduce traffic jams, and boost touirsm thus contributing to the economic development of both countries.

A representative of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia revealed that the service is scheduled to start in March this year. “Now we will have both the agreement and the procedure completed. Customs and immigration have already reached agreement so we will finalise everything this Friday. We have to study some elements of the agreement closely but, in principle, we are all agreed,” he  added.

The two lines connect at the border towns of Poipet on the Cambodian side and Aranyaprathet on the Thai side. On the Cambodian side, the northern rail link links the border to the capital city of Phnom Penh, on the Thai side, the rail heads west to Bangkok.



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