Vientiane to Host Lao Food Festival

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Vientiane to Host Lao Food Festival

The annual Lao food festival will take place the next week, on January 28–31, from 9 am till 5 pm in Lao's capital of Vientiane, in Chao Anouvong park on Mekong riverside.

The annual event will showcase mouth-watering traditional dishes from around the country, all produced by imaginative cooks. This year the festival will be held for the 15th time.

Almost 200 booth selling delicacies will be set in the park. Besides food, handicrafts and garden produce will be on offer, too.

Alongside with Lao culinary vendors from across the country, participants from other ASEAN countries will be presented as well. Several ASEAN countries' embassies will set up booths to promote their national foods.

The program of the festival will feature a cooking contest to allow top Lao chefs to demonstrate their skills preparing specific dishes.

Some of the traditional Lao dishes which are recommended for tasting include khao niaw, Lao staple dish of sticky rice; sai oua, Lao famous smokey sausage; khao piak sen, hearty, inexpensive, tasty and nutritious noodle soup; laab, minced meat salad; tam mak hoong, green papaya salad; mok pa, steamed fish in banana leaves; sien savanh, Lao beef jerky; naem khao tod, crispy rice salad; khao jee, arguably Lao's most popular street food or French baguette; and yall dib, healthy and fresh "summer rolls".

Bon Appétit!



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