Best Countries for Backpacking in 2020s – BBS Version

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Best Countries for Backpacking in 2020s – BBS Version

At the very end of 2019, the British Backpacking Society (BBS) published their version of “the highest potential adventure travel destinations for the 2020s.” The results are based on votes from adventure travel experts from around the world. 

As the BBS focuses on "promoting and enabling sustainable adventure travel in off-the-beaten-track areas of the world", there is no wonder that our beloved and well-trodden routes all around SEA are not featured on the list. But what is on the list, sounds very tempting to us – what about you?

1. Algeria in North Africa is named the "best country to backpack" in 2020s. Blessed with world-class desert scenery, delightfully hospitable people and spectacular ancient ruins, the country lies within an easy reach from huge adventure travel communities in European capitals.

2. Saudi Arabia's amazing wonders have been hidden behind a visa policy untill very recently. Tourism in Saudi Arabia is new – you have a rare chance to be one of the first visitors to tell your backpackers society about your unique experiences there.

3. Pakistan is a travel gem and roadtrips there are unforgettable. The dramatic Karakoram Highway, the bustling markets of Karachi, the delectable flavours of the Punjab in Lahore – it's all here waiting for you.

4. Iran enchants like One Thousand and One Nights with its beautiful architecture, heartwarmingly hospitable people and truly dramatic scenery.

5. Kazakhstan is a real jewel in Central Asia's crown thanks to a combination of vast steppe, sky high mountains and dramatic deserts.

6. Uzbekistan is the heart of the Silk Road. It lures travellers with some of the world's most remarkable Islamic architecture, dramatically dusty deserts, and delicious plov-based cuisine.

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina was chosen for the country's Middle Eastern flavours, stark natural beauty, an interesting and important national history, and Sarajevo, Europe's most interesting adventure travel city.

8. Russia, the world's largest country with a highly diverse landscape and cultures, is a treasure trove for adventure travellers – from Kamchatka volcanoes to Sochi's pebble beaches. 

9. Ethiopia offers some of Africa's best adventure opportunities on the background of its splendid natural beauty. And it is a very tasty destination, too.

10. Azerbaijan, sitting at the crossroads of Europe and Asia on the shores of the Caspian Sea, boasts spectacular mountains, amazing mud volcanoes and fascinating cultures.



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