Myanmar's Chin State to Get First Airport

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Myanmar's Chin State to Get First Airport

The Chin state in Myanmar will soon become more accessible for travellers with the first airport in the region set to open this year.

One of Myanmar's two western states bordering the Rakhine state in the south and Bangladesh in the north, the sparsely populated Chin state remains almost totally out of radar of international travellers. The only state in Myanmar with Christian majority, it occupies a mountainous terrain and is Myanmar’s most underdeveloped state as well as one of the most remote parts of the country with very few transportation links.

Initially planned for 2022, the Surbung Airport is scheduled to open in late May this year. It will be located in Falam township, Chin State, 1830 meters above the sea level and link the Chin state to seven other states of the country that have regional airports. The authorities expect it will boost tourism in the region.

Apart from being a seriously off-the beaten-track destination, the Chin state is home to Khaw-nu-sone, also known as Nat Ma Taung or Mount Victoria, the highest mountain in Myanmar with hiking and cycling to the top of the mountain being the most popular activity at the Khaw-nu-sone national park. The unique heart-shaped Rih Lake is also located in the Chin state.



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