China's New Mega Airport Relies on Face Recognition

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China's New Mega Airport Relies on Face Recognition

Facial recognition scanners are set to make travel via China's newest sprawling, starfish-shaped Beijing Daxing International Airport a totally new experience.

Face recognition technology used throughout the airport will speed up the process at every point – from the ticket turnstiles at the train station to getting through customs. Even paying for your duty-free shopping will become easier as passengers will no longer need to produce their passport and boarding pass at the cashier.

It is expected that getting through airport security will allow Daxing security officers to process four passengers every minute thanks to the technology. SImilarly, purchases at duty free stores can be made “with your face”. 

Beijing's Daxing International airport, the latest addition to the country's airfield portfolio opened in September this year. By 2040 it is expected to handle over 100 million passengers a year as China is set to become the world’s biggest air travel market early next decade.

Introduction of such technology shows clearly how far ahead China is compared with the rest of the world in embracing facial surveillance. Similar techniques are already used across the country from fast food chains to the capital city’s subway system. 



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