Bon Om Touk Water Festival in Cambodia Is Almost Here!

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Bon Om Touk Water Festival in Cambodia Is Almost Here!

Cambodia is preparing to celebrate one of the most authentic and colourful festivals of the year: Bon Om Touk, or Water Festival. This time, it falls on November, 10.

The Water Festival is easily one of the most attractive festivals to foreigners. Between the marvellous array of activities, food and moments of celebration, it isn’t difficult to understand why. Millions of people flock to Phnom Penh for this event, it is one of the most important celebrations in the Cambodian calendar.

The festival marks the turning of the flow of the water between the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers, the beginning of the fishing season, and the end of the rainy season. It is an opportunity to give thanks to the rivers as they provide the area with fertile farming land and contribute a staggering percentage toward the countries in-land fisheries catch. Its annual ebb and flow supports virtually the entire inland fishing industry, as well as the vast array of locals that are, in some way, financially dependent on the Tonle Sap lake.

The highlight of the festival is the annual boat race. Over 400 boats, propelled by an uncountable amount of impressive oarsmen race down the river. The banks erupt in support, making this little spot on earth one of the best places to be for just a few minutes.

The event will last three days, from November, 10 till November, 12 – day and night! By night, the sky and river are illuminated by fireworks and brightly lit-boats that float beneath the ambient light of the full moon. 



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