Bridge Between Boracay and Caticlan Is Proposed

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Bridge Between Boracay and Caticlan Is Proposed

San Miguel Corporation in the Philippines has submitted a proposal to build a bridge that will connect Boracay island to Caticlan City located on the 'mainland' Panay Island and is now waiting for the government's approval.

While the distance between the tip points of Panay and Boracay Islands is just 2 km, it requires a ferry to travel between the two islands. It takes at least an hour to get from Boracay's tourist locations to Caticlan and vice versa.

It does not look like a problem for tourists at all but it does for the island itself. At least 25,000 people working in tourism industry choose to stay on the island as they are employed in hotels, restaurants and other businessess serving tourists. If there is a bridge that allows a quick travel between the mainland and Boracay, many would opt for living on Panay island and going to work to Boracay. It will ease the burden of tons of solid waste from Boracay island. Besides, the problem of fresh water for Boracay will be also solved – there won't be any need for costly deep wells digging as water will be delivered by land.

Boracay island, the Philippines' major tourist destination, closed for six month between April 2018 and October 2018 for rehabilitation and redevelopment. About 400 hotels and restaurants were ordered to close for violating local environmental laws, while 3 casinos were permanently shut down. Establishments built within the 30-meter shoreline easement were demolished. After reopening, daily limits of visitors were set and now the island gears towards sustainable developmets from which both residents and tourists benefit.



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