AirAsia Now Connects Two Heritage Cities in Malaysia

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AirAsia Now Connects Two Heritage Cities in Malaysia

Since July, 1, AirAsia's new domestic flight connects two heritage cities in Malaysia: Georgetown, the capital of Penang, and Malacca, the capital of the namesake state.

The new route is expected to boost domestic tourismresulting in long-lasting economic growth of the both cities. There are dailyflights between Penang and Malacca. Flights to Malacca depart at 1.20 pm withthe return flight to Penang taking off at 2.50 pm. It takes between 65 and 70minutes to fly in each direction.

For AirAsia, Malacca became the sixth domestic destinationand 14th route from Penang that serves as a hub to the airline.
Besides Penang, Malacca is connected by air with Kota Bharuand Langkawi. The only international route to Malacca airport arrives fromPekanbaru, Indonesia.

A UNESCO heritage site since 2008, Malacca has a lot tooffer to visitors. Some of the most popular Malacca's  attractions are AFamosa Fort, St Paul’s Hill, Stadthuys, and Christ Church, an outstandingexample of the colonial Portuguese, Dutch and British architecture. 

The cultural significance of the city of Melaka is the rootof much of its appeal. It is intensely stimulating, yet charming and soothing.An icon of cultural diversty, an incredible world of mismatched wonders anddelights. 



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