Cambodia Wants to Get Rid Of Zero-Dollar Tourists

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Cambodia Wants to Get Rid Of Zero-Dollar Tourists

'Zero-Dollar’ tour packages are ruining tourism sector in Cambodia, the Minister of Tourism said last week promising to protect the industry bringing this practice to an end.

Tourists who buy ‘zero-dollar’ tour packages do not make their contribution into local economies but not only. In many cases zero-dollar tour operators bring unsuspecting tourists to their own overpriced shops and restaurants giving visitors no choice. This results in negative experiences and overall low satisfaction rate for tourists. Returning home, they share their negative experience with friends and families discouraging them from visiting Cambodia.

Such practice damages the country’s reputation as a great tourist destination and Cambodia is going to put efforts to stop it. Earlier over 300 travel and tour companies, members of Cambodia Association of Travel Agents (CATA) have received the Ministry's notification to stop selling  ‘zero-dollar’ tour packages to their clients. Thanks to the warning, the numbers of such tours have declined this year, yet the Ministry is set to bring the practice to a complete end.

Cambodia is not the first SEA country that declared war to 'zero-dollar' tours. Several years ago, Thailand also rebelled against Chinese tourists that flooded the country but brought no money to local operators as all the services, tours, accommodation they used were prepaid and belonged to their compatriots.



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