Philippines to Hold First International Dive Expo

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Philippines to Hold First International Dive Expo

The Philippine's first International Dive Expo will take place in Manila this September. The fair is aimed at promoting the development of the local scuba diving industry and putting the Philippines in the focus of the world's diving society as a premiere diving destination.

There have been several Dive Resort Travel (DRT) expos in the Philippines before, but the new  International Dive Expo is fully DOT's organized. The main objective of the expo is to showcase what the Philippines can offer in terms of dive tourism.

The event is expected to gather renowned scientists, marine conservationists, and underwater photographers inviting them to network and exchange ideas on sustainable dive tourism practices.

The Philippines are indeed a top destination for diving, annually attracting an international crowd of underwater enthusiasts. While many consider Indonesia to be the best diving destination in the region, the Philippines have much to offer to divers, too. An outstanding site for underwater photography is Anilao, Batangas. In Cebu, there rea spectacular sardine runs. Amos Rock – Tubbataha Reefs Natural park is recognized by UNESCO as World's heritage site, ans Monad Shoal in Malapascua is considered the best site for shark diving. Canyons in Puerto Galera, a diving paradise with crystal clear waters, is easily accessible from Manila. And then there is Manta Bowl – Ticao Pass in Donsol. There is an abundance of colourful coral reefs, coral fishes and other marine animals, including turtles. In general, the Philippines boats one of the most diverse underwater ecosystem in the world.



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