Mindanao Is Safe, DOT Assures

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Mindanao Is Safe, DOT Assures

A Department of Tourism of the Philippine's (DOT) official said Mindanao remains a safe place to visit, including popular Sulu and Basilan Islands. While Mindanao is a 'troubled' province at the moment, several areas are totally safe to travel to.

Zamboanga was also mentioned as a trouble-free area. DOT encourages Filipino tourists to visit Zamboanga and the amazing pink beach of Santa Cruz island.

And domestic tourism in MIndanao is indeed still strong. Hotels in Davao City are often fully-booked weeks ahead. It is a good sign of general situation in the region and the attitude of the local tourists who are eager to explore this attractions-packed destination including Mt. Apo, the Philippine Eagle Center, and the Crocodile Park.  

Mindanao has been under martial rule since the May 2017 Marawi siege and regional tourism  offices are putting a lot of effort to change the perception of Mindanao as a dangerous destination. At the same time, DOT admits that travel advisories on visiting certain parts of Mindanao should be respected.

To boost international tourism in Mindanao, new air routes to/from Davao International airport will be launched. Currently, Davao handles four international routes including Singapore-Davao (Silkair), Jinjiang-Davao (XiamenAIr), Hong-Kong Davao (Cathay Dragon), and Qatar-Davao (Qatar Airways).



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