Meet India's First Dinosaur Museum and Fossil Park

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Meet India's First Dinosaur Museum and Fossil Park

It is situated in Gujarat, India's westernmost state. Gujarat's Raiyoli village, which sits pretty close to Balasinor town is now home to the country's first ever dinosaur museum and fossil park. The inauguration of the new entertainment zone has taken place recently.

The place for the museum and park was not chosen by chance: Raiyoli village is considered to be the second largest dinosaur hatchery in the world with estimated 10,000 dinosaur eggs found there. The same refers to dinosaur fossils: by the number of fossils found Raiyoli village is the third largest site in the world with fossils of at least 13 species present at the site.
There are about 50 sculptures of dinosaurs in the museum. These include one life-size Rajasaurus Narmadensis, a carnivorous theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous. It was native to India and its fossil was found in Gujarat
Besides sculptures, fossils and dioramas, there will be 3D projections providing 360 degree virtual reality presentations as well as other hands-on experiences on offer including gaming consoles and interactive kiosks. Those interested in exploring life of the prehistoric reptiles will get comprehensive information. 
Built under the initiative and full support of Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd., the park is ready to receive visitors. The government confirmed they were going to promote the facility internationally. Come visit while it is still brand-new.



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