Khon Kaen Zoo Thailand Welcomes Newborns

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Khon Kaen Zoo Thailand Welcomes Newborns

Khon Kaen Zoo located in the namesake northeastern province of Thailand has recently celebrated new additions to their animal family as a resul of the zoo’s successful reproductive efforts.

A baby gemsbok or oryx was born to the zoo's family of these large antelopes. Originating from Africa and Arabian Peninsular, oryxes are not found in the wild in Thaialnd. Oryxes are almost extinct in the wild and thus breeding them in captivity is the only way to preserve the species. This baby gemsbox is the sixth generation of oryxes living in Khon Kaen Zoo, home to the majority of these animals in the country.

Two Asian black bear cubs born recently became the first successful reproductive effort both in Khon Kaen Zoo and in all other zoos in Thailand in general. Two cubs are one male and one female named Plai Fon and Ton Nao. Both are now safe and feeling well. They brought the total numebr of Asian black bears in Khon Kaen Zoo to 10 animals.

Finally, 7 baby sulcata tortoises hatched from the eggs laid by a tutle transferred from Dusit Zoo in Bangkok. The third largest land tortoise in the world after galapagos tortoise and aldabra tortoise, sulcata tortoise inhabits the southern edge of the Sahara desert in Africa. It can grow to reach 100 kilogram in weight. 

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Two NPs in Thailand Designated as ASEAN Heritage Parks

During the recent 15th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on the Environment, two of Thailand’s national parks have received the status of ASEAN Heritage Parks (AHPs). Thus the total number of the ASEAN Heritage Parks located in Thailand reached six.

20 October 2019

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The Royal Barge Procession in Thailand on the occasion of the coronation of His Majesty the King Rama X originally set for Thursday, 24 October, 2019, has been rescheduled to Thursday, 12 December, 2019.

20 October 2019

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19 October 2019