Cult Jalan Malioboro in Yogyakarta to Become Car-Free Zone

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Cult Jalan Malioboro in Yogyakarta to Become Car-Free Zone

Yogyakarta's iconic Jalan Malioboro may become car-free after the Idul Fitri holiday season. Yogyakarta Deputy Mayor confirmed recently that Jl Malioboro will be a strictly pedestrian zone.

Yet non-motorized vehicles including becak pedicabs, andong horse-drawn carriages and bicycles will still be allowed to access Malioboro Street – and so will be Trans Jogja buses.

The trial car-free period will start in June immediately after Idul Fitri but the exact date has not yet been announced. The administration is currently discussing the procedures the vehicles should come through to obtain the necessary permits to be admitted to the pedestrian street and is working out the rerouting scenario as well. In the meantime, the Yogyakarta Transportation Agency are organising more parking lots around the area.

Malbioro street is an important thoroughfare that is used for access to some of the major streets of Yogyakarta. It is also one of the most conjested streets in the city. Closing it for motorised traffic will inevitably cause confusion among drivers. It may require quite a time to make citizens adjusted to the new routing system. As the geographical location of Yogyakarta makes it impossible to widen existing streets or construct the new ones, a strict closure of Malioboro street for motorised traffic is the only way to keep it for people. 



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