Guess Three Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Asia!

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Guess Three Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Asia!

MSN, a popular web portal, has recently published their version of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Not only Niagara and Angel are included: some impressive cascades are found in Asia, too. 

Vietnam & China: Ban Gioc-Detian Falls
Shared by the two countries, these waterfalls are located in Cao Bang province of Vietnam and Guangxi province of China and are often believed to be the Asia's largest natural falls. Fed by the Quy Xuan River, Ban Gioc-Detian Falls is at its best between May and September. There is Nguom Ngao cave system on the Vietnam side – it is well worth exploring.

India: Jog Falls
Jog Falls in Karnataka features four chutes and measures 250 m what makes this waterfall one of the tallest in India. Rainbows are often formed at Jog Falls. Come to check it between August and December.

Philippines: Tinago Falls
Tinago Falls is on Mindanao island in Iligan City – and indeed, waterfalls are the main attraction of Iligan – there are 23 falls here in total. Not that tall – only 75 m – Tinago Falls emerging from the dense jungly and falling freely into an emerald pool is spectacular. A 500-steps hike leads to the top of the cascade. 



Will UNESCO Finally Recognize Bagan As World Heritage Site?

Myanmar's application on listing the ancient capital of Bagan as a UNESCO World Heritage Site will be considered during the World Heritage Committee session in Baku, Azerbaijan, on June 30–July 10 this year.

17 June 2019

Myanmar to Designate Five Areas as National Geology Parks

Myanmar to designate five areas in Mandalay Region, Shan State, Kachin State, Kayin State, and Sagaing Region as national geology parks.

17 June 2019

Vietnam Airlines and Aeroflot Start Codesharing

Vietnam Airlines, the flag carrier of Vietnam, and Aeroflot Russian Airlines, the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation, have launched a codesharing program both on domestic and international routes in the two countries.

16 June 2019