Dhungri Mela Kicked Off in Manali

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Dhungri Mela Kicked Off in Manali

If you are anywhere around Manali, India between today and tomorrow, you are in the right place! Till May, 16, Manali’s Hadimba Devi Temple houses the Dhungri Mela, one of the most-awaited religious fairs of the year, especially for the folks of Himachal Pradesh.

Dhungri Mela is an annual celebration honouring the birthday of Goddess Hadimba, the presiding deity. It is the major celebration in the whole state of Himachal Pradesh and is widely attended by the locals. It is a colourful spectacular festive event that gives you a wonderful insight into the local culture and traditions.

Carnival-like mood prevails in all the villages around Manali during Dhungri Mela. Handicrafts and locals foods are sold from the stalls that are ubiquitous. 

Hadimba Devi was a wife of Bhima, one of the characters of the Indian epic of Mahabharata. In Manali, Hidimba Devi is worshipped as a deity. Durign the festival, idols of other deities are carried to the temple in festive processions. It is believed that the idols, all decked up in rich garments and ornate jewellery with impressively intricate face masks usually carved of silver, personify the presence of other gods in the celebrations. The processions call to several temples in the vicinity and onlookers can join processions at any stage.

The fair is a great chance to see some of the rare local musical instruments and to listen to the impressive traditional music of the region, too. 

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