Sabang Needs More Infrastructure Projects

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Sabang Needs More Infrastructure Projects

Sabang regency in Aceh, Indonesia, asked the government to help the region in development of new infrastructure projects to boost tourism.

In recent years, the region sees a steady increase of tourist arrivals and there is an obvious lack of infrastructure – from transportation to accommodation. Assistance of the state will have a positive impact on local ecomony including development of the tourism sector.

In 2017, the Tourism Ministry named the regency as one of the National Tourism Strategic Areas (KSPN), and as such the Sabang Tourism and Culture Agency expects support on the national level. Indeed, in January this year, 40 hectares of land were allocated by the government for the construction of an international airport in Sabang to support local tourism in the region. The international airport is expected to become a hub for global airlines. 

Almost 30,000 foreign visitors travelled to Sabang in 2018, an impressive rise from about 3,000 travellers of 2017. 

Some of the most popular tourist spots located in Sabang include Weh Island Monument, Zero Kilometer Monument, as well as Iboh and Sumur Tiga beaches.



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