Bird-Watching in Cà Mau: One of the Best in Vietnam

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Bird-Watching in Cà Mau: One of the Best in Vietnam

Where to head for bird-watching in Vietnam? Easily one of the most popular attractions of the sounthernmost province of Vietnam, Ca Mau city bird garden attracts 30,000 visitors a year.

Located within the boundaries of the Cultural Park, also known as Lam Vien May 19th Park in Ca Mau City and only 2 km west of the city centre, the City Bird Garden is a great place to view many kinds of birds. Covering an area of 3.1 ha the garden is home to 53 species and 6,600 birds. During the peak reproductive season the number of feathered inhabitants of the park often reach over 10,000 birds. Some of the most common birds that can be observed in the park include little egret, Chinese pond heron, great egret, little cormorant, black-crowned night heron, darter and grey heron. 

The garden was set up 20 years ago and now attracts about 30,000 visitors a year. 

Ca Mau can be reached from Ho Chi Minh City via a one hour flight with Vietnam Airlines. Alternatively, this 310 km route can be covered by bus. While bus tickets (USD15) are much cheaper than air tickets (USD80), the ride itself is rather tedious and requires between 8 and 9 hours due to poor road conditions.



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