Cherry Blossom Season Officially Opened in Tokyo

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Cherry Blossom Season Officially Opened in Tokyo

The cherry blossom season in Tokyo was declared officially opened yesterday, March, 22 after  the Meteorological Agency confirmed opening of more than five cherry blossoms on a Somei-Yoshino cherry tree at Yasukuni Shrine in Chiyoda Ward.

In about a week the majority of Somei Yoshino cherry trees in Tokyo enter their full bloom period. In average, the sakura blooming season starts about March, 27, but this year it arrived slightly earlier though not as early as in 2018 when cherry trees started blooming 9 days prior to their usual schedule. 

Where to see best cherry blossoms in Tokyo this year?

Over 1000 cherry trees will adorn Shinjuku Gyoen, one of the largest national gardens in Tokyo located in the tourist area near Shinjuku.

The banks of the Meguro River will soon turn pinkish with over 800 sakura trees planted along the river. At night, cherry trees are lit up with special lights. It is a very popular spot in Tokyo in spring.

For the most picturesque cherry blossom spot head to Chidorigafuchi. The moats of the old Edo Castle are all covered with cherry trees which look totally terrific from water – hire a boat and paddle by.

If crowds of tourists do not scare you off, then consider visiting Ueno Onshi Park where Hanami, or a cherry blossom party takes place. 

For an unusual blend of fragile white and pink flowers and state-of-the-art modern architecture come to Mori Garden Ropponghi Hills.



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