Tree Blooming Season Is Officially On in China

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Tree Blooming Season Is Officially On in China

With tree blooming season approaching, flower blossom tours around China gain popularity. China is a less-known but great alternative to Japan for those who want to experience tree blooming season to its fullest.

Starting from February and March, blossoming plum, cherry, peach, and apricot trees attract travellers to different locations across the country.

Blooming peach trees are best observed in Linzhi (Nyingchi) City in the southwest of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, close to the border with Bhutan. For apricot blossom, head to Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture in northernmost Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Also popular are tours to rapeseed fields, all covered with yellow flowers. Wuyuan County located in the eastern province of Jiangxi is one of the prime locations for viewing rape flowers.

This March, rain and low temperatures dominate in Wuhan, the capital city of central China’s Hubei Province and the Chinese cherry blossoming capital. Hence the cherry trees are expected to start blooming the last week of March. Shanghai reports record-breaking cherry blossom this year thanks to additional planting areas and increased number of cherry trees. Besides, now there are different varieties of Japanese cherry in Shanghai with different blooming schedules thus attracting more tourists due to prolonged blooming period.



Two Impressive Caves in Kanchanaburi Open to Visitors

For two months – from February, 29 till May, 4 – Kanchanaburi will allow access to two of its most scenic caves, one with colossal stalagmites. Tourists willing to tour the caves should register in advance as the number of visitors is limited and be able to swim as the caves feature wet sections.

26 January 2020

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The Thailand Travel Mart (TTM), Thailand's annual largest B2B travel trade show, will be held between June 1–3, 2020 in Phuket for the first time in its history. 

26 January 2020

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25 January 2020