Lombok to Become South Sea Pearls Tourism Centre

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Lombok to Become South Sea Pearls Tourism Centre

Lombok, a famous producer of unique South Sea pearls in Indonesia, may soon become an important South Sea pearls tourism centre. 

Indonesia Tourism Players (IPI) in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) eye development of educational tourism on pearls in Lombok as a means of boosting tourism on the island. While South Sea pearls remain popular among jewellery lovers, rebranding pearls as a tourism icon seem a promising idea, too.

Earlier, Lombok already tried to attract tourists promoting its pearls production. Between 2009 and 2012, International Pearls Auction Pearl Queen Contest events were held with pearls announced the icons of Lombok tourism. However, the marketing campaign was not successful and eventually was put to a halt.

Yet Lombok will put effort in promoting pearl tourism idea once again. This time it is suggested to designate the area on Mandalika Beach as a Lombok Pearl educational tourist destination where the whole process of the South Sea pearl cultivation – from seeding to harvesting – can be observed. Experts of pearl cultivation have been already invited to join the team and the whole project is carried out in collaboration with Japanese and Australian pearl specialists.



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