Thanh Hoa City Invites Visitors to Learn about Dong Son Culture

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Thanh Hoa City Invites Visitors to Learn about Dong Son Culture

Thanh Hoa City in Thanh Hoa province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam invites visitors to join a tour that explores an ancient village of Dong Son.

Dong Son village is located in the namesake district of Thanh Hoa and is surrounded by Rong, Voi and Hum (Dragon, Elephant, and Tiger) mountains and Ma (Horse) River. It is rightfully considered one of the 10 most beautiful ancient villages in the country.

Dong Son culture existed between the peak of the Bronze Age and early Iron Age (from 1000 BC to 300 AD). A variety of bronze artifacts including tools, utensils, weapons and drums were unearthed at archeological sites around the village. These artifacts show that Dong Son people were skilled bronze casters, cultivated rice, domesticated water buffalos and pigs, and also were good fishers and sailors. Dong Son culture is considered the last great culture of Van Lang, an early nation state of Vietnamese people.

Now there are 370 households in Dong Son village. The village itself is a great example of an agricultural villlage with nice architecture, featuring quiet alleys, wells and caves, dotted with pagodas and temples. One of the temples in Dong Son, Le Uy – Tran Khat Chan temple is recognized as the national heritage of Vietnam. A visit to the temple and a 200-year-old house are both included into the tour program.



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