Boracay Remains Popular Regardless Last Year's Closure

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Boracay Remains Popular Regardless Last Year's Closure

Department of Tourism of the Philippines says that Boracay citation reflects acceptance of reforms in the country's tourist sector. Recently Boracay was named one of the Aisa's best beaches by TripAdvisor 2019 Travelers' Choice Award.

Both Boracay and El Nido made it up to the top-25 best beaches in Asia. The Philippine's policy to make travel more sustainable is one of the factors that contributed to a better image of these destinations for travellers, DOT believes.

Boracay's White Beach, the most popular beach on the island, climbed to the 9th line, while two El Nido beaches, Nacpan Beach and Las Cabanas Beach, came 13th and 22nd respectively. 62% of reviews received by Boracay were excellent and 24% – very good. The last year's efforts undertaken in order to rehabilitate the island were mentioned in many reviews and got approval from travellers.

Boracay was closed for visitors for six month in 2018, from April to October. The Philippines chose to close the island to let it rehabilitate though losses of tourism revenues were considerable. Now, after half a year hiatus, Boracay is cleaner and better than ever. It retained its popularity and both local and foreign tourists return to the island to enjoy its pristine beaches.

Currently there are 320 hotels and other accommodation properties on the island offering travellers 11,662 rooms and holding proper accreditation of DOT.



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