Shanghai, China's Hotspot for Air Travel

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Shanghai, China's Hotspot for Air Travel

One of every ten airline seats in China are handled by the two Shanghai airports, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Half of China's top-10 busiest air routes originate here, too.

One of them, the busiest air route in the whole country, is operated between Shanghai and Shenzhen. There are over 100 daily flights regularly plying the skies between these two coastal cities. They slash a 1,500 km, 12-hour long train journey to mere two and a half hour air hop. No wonder that this air link enjoys incredible popularity.

And so does the ShanghaiBeijing route. While high-speed trains do a great job covering 1,200 km that separate the country's major cities in just four and a half hours and offering three dozens departures each day, flying remains in high demand. There are also over 100 flights between Shanghai and Beijing with flying time of 2 hours 25 minutes. Four hours normally surffice to get from Shanghai airport to Beijing airport, time for registration and baggage claim included.

92% of all international Shanghai flights are operated from Pudong. This year, travellers can reach 108 destinations worldwide from Shanghai Pudong and the number of international routes is growing constantly.



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26 March 2019

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26 March 2019

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