Colombo to Host Two Festivals Before End February

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Colombo to Host Two Festivals Before End February

Two festivals to hit Sri Lanka before the end of February. Pumpkin Farmers Festival will be held on February, 22 while International Sports Film Festival will last three days, from February, 26 to February, 28, both in Colombo.

Pumpkin Farmers Festival will take place along Green Path (Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha) in Colombo from 9 am to 9 pm. It is the first time such festival is held and the event was prompted by a bumper crop of the vegetable in Ampara, Anuradhapura and Moneragala districts. Falling prices have affected local farmers badly. A group of enthusiasts came up with a novel concept to hold a festival in order to educate people on benefits of pumpkin consumption, promote pumkin-based dishes and draw attention to the difficult situation of  local farmers. 25 farmers from Ampara, Anuradhapura and Moneragalafrom as well as farmers from from the Northern Province will participate in the festival and bring between 50,000 kilos to 100,000 kilos of pumpkin. Come ready for a pumpkin day!

It will be also the maiden issue of the International Sports Film Festival that will be held at the Tharangani Theatre of the National Film Corporation. The festival is organised by SPORTSINFO and aims at raising the country's interest to sports through cimenatography. The festival will bring together passionate sports enthusiasts onto a single platform and will promote cinema as a medium of sports education – from sports science, sports psychology, sports medicine to sports sociology. 



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