Outbound Tourism in China to Show Higher Growth Rate Than Inbound in 2019

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Outbound Tourism in China to Show Higher Growth Rate Than Inbound in 2019

In 2019 Chinese outbound trips are predicted to reach 166 million while inbound tourism growth rate will be about 1% only with 143 million of expected inbound visits.

In 2018, 149 million of the mainland travellers spent their vacations abroad, showing a 14.7% rise on year-to-year basis. During the same period 141 million tourists visited mainland China, a 1.2% growth compared to 2017. The main three source countries for tourist arrivals in China were Myanmar, Vietnam and South Korea.

In 2019, the positive tendency for China's tourism market will persist with outbound trips to rise 11% and inbound tourism, similarly to the previous year, to be up 1%.

Last year,  the country's tourism industry grossed a revenue of 5.97 trillion yuan (USD880 billion) and contributed 11.04% to China's GDP. In total, in 2018 Chinese travelers spent USD120 billion on tour packages, tickets, hotel reservations and shopping. Hong Kong remains the top destination for outbound travels for mainlanders.

The number of middle class families in China is etimated to reach about 200 million households by the end of 2020. They are expected to spend 19% of their yearly salary on outbound travel.



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