Thai railway system development is TH govt priority

PM Yingluck stated that there is a chance to talk about the future of Thai railway and 2-trillion Baht investment project which is still in the process of submission to the House of Representatives for its deliberation. The project is aimed to develop national infrastructure in transportation and logistics to bring in not only routes but also prosperity to different areas in the country. Although train had been the first choice for transportation in the past, it has become less preferred as a mea

According to PM Yingluck, the Government has put priority in the policy on national railway development which will be supported through a Government budget and an implementation under the draft Act empowering Ministry of Finance to acquire loans for infrastructure development in national transportation in order to stabilize national economy as well as toupgrade the people’s quality of life. National infrastructure development in transportation is, therefore, pushed forward under the following 3 strategies:

Strategy I: Decrease road transportation and promote more rail transportation by increasing efficiency of the existing railroad system to make it more convenient, faster, and safer.

Strategy II: Increase transport agility, shorten period of travel and logistics, increase security, increase access of the people to railroad system, reduce disparity and upgrade the people’s quality of life through development of dual-gauge railways, high-speed railroad system development, and construction of new routes to various regions.

Strategy III: Connect the whole country, open door to and strengthen relations with the neighboring countries, increase investment opportunity, increase border trade volume, and promote Thailand as the ASEAN Hub. 

With these 3 strategies, the Government is confident to enhance Thailand’s competitiveness in the global stage, as well as to spread domestic prosperity wherever the trains lead to, reduce disparity, increase opportunity, and bring happiness to the people from all over the country.




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26 April 2018

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