Tourist Attractions in Gunung Kidul to Get Free Wi-Fi Access

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Tourist Attractions in Gunung Kidul to Get Free Wi-Fi Access

Several attractions in Gunung Kidul regency, Java, Indonesia will soon get free Wi-Fi access. Yogyakarta's administration will also provide internet access in all the villages in Gunung Kidul region.

Yogyakarta administration will partner with the Tourism Agency to install Wi-Fi at the major tourist attractions un Gunung Kidul regency later this year. Gunung Kidul regency is located in the southeast part of Yogyakarta province and is the UNESCO Geopark. Its scenic karst landscapes dotted with numerous caves and cut though by many underground rivers are absolutely unique. The geopark includes several areas: 

– Pindul Cave in Bejiharjo which sits in a tectonic active area and Kalisuci Cave in Semanu, both popular tubing destinatuins; 
– Nhlanggerman Primeval Volcano, a 600 m high volcano with amazing view of Mount Merapi in the north; 
– Bobung Tourism Village;
– and Siung Beach, a prime destination for rock-climbing with over 200 tracks available in the cliffs surrounding the beach.

According to the authorities, free internet access at tourist attractions will boost tourist sector in the region attracting more visitors and potentially facilitating promotion of Gunung Kidul region as an important tourist destination. 



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