Mekong Delta Offer Agritourism Opportunities

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Mekong Delta Offer Agritourism Opportunities

Vietnam's largest agricultural production area, the Mekong Delta is a promising destination for agritourism. The region's cultural diversity and natural beauty continue attracting tourists. New agritourism models on offer help increase tourist arrivals and also contribute to sustainable agriculture and rural development in the area.

Hands-on experience is the current big tourist trend with a yearly 20%-30% increase in demand. Local farmers seek to satisfy the demand offering tourists visits to fruit and veg farms. Star fruit, mango, rambutan, coconut and guava is grown widely across the Mekong Delta and for a modest entrance fee of VND 30,000 (under UND1.5) farmers invite guests to pick up fruit and relax in the shadow of fruit trees. There are also rice fields visits on offer that educate visitors on how rice is grown locally.

For the farmers, the opportunity to earn money making visitors acquainted with their daily routine is of great help. The owner of a 1.8 ha fruit orchard said that he welcomes between 130 and 150 local and foreign tourists a day, up to 200 visitors during weekends. They bring him about 70% of his whole yearly income (VND400 mln, or USD17.245). As now about 70% of the fruit from the farm is sold to tourists and not to traders, what also helps farmers feel more financially confident.

Several farms are considering opening homestay to accommodate visitors who want to spend more time enjoying rural vibes. Farmers in Tien Giang province also start switching to growing local specialty fruit like gac or durians that are of greater interest to tourists. Several farms offer visitors rent of traditional dresses, other conduct culinary workshops.

One of the best destinations in the Mekong Delta to engage in agritourism is My Tho City environs, in the Tien Giang Province.



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