Your Chinese Zodiac Prompts Your 2019 Travel Style

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Your Chinese Zodiac Prompts Your 2019 Travel Style

Find out what your Chinese zodiac says about your auspicious travel style in 2019, the year of Pig. Do you agree with its suggestions? Or do you travel plans contradict the stars?

Imaginative RATS should be looking for adventure not far from home. If venturing further afield, think a modern Asian megapolis like Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok.

Stead-fast and goal-driven OXEN, do not hesitate to explore new pastures! Think trekking in  ardamom mountains in Cambodia, for example.

TIGERS, corrageous and enjoying being in charge, can eye wider – take one of the off-the-beaten-tracks and visit Indonesia. Dive in Raja Ampat or meet dragons on Komodo.

RABBITS, you are always after some fun. Treehouses, tents and camps sound good, don't they? Consider a zip-lining adventure in Bokeo, Laos. Three days in jungle living in a treehouse should do.

DRAGONS are full of energy and charisma, so no traditional vacation ideas for you. Explore the wild of the Hymalaya mountains in India or try hot air balooning over ancient Bagan in Myanmar.

Well, SNAKES are always good with money and love great design. So you can afford both a plushy room in the colonial Raffles Hotel or a stylish suite in Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Other zodiacs to follow tomorrow.



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