Cambodia Expects to Welcome 8 Million Chinese Tourists by 2030

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Cambodia Expects to Welcome 8 Million Chinese Tourists by 2030

Over two million Chinese tourists visited Cambodia in 2018, a significant 70% increase compared to 2017. Will the trend persist in 2019?

The total number of foreign tourists arrivals to Cambodia in 2018 reached 6.2 million visitors, as reported by Minister of Tourism. Thus the Chinese account to almost one third of the total number of travellers. While the growth rate of the Chinese arrivals is striking, the total growth is much more modest yet impressive – 11% on year-to-year bases. In 2017, the Kingdom received some 5.6 million tourists from overseas with the Chinese constituing about 1.2 million of the total number.

By 2020, Cambodia plans to get three million travellers from China, five million – by 2025 and whooping 8 million – by 2030. For now, the Chinese are a big opportunity for the whole tourism sector of Cambodia. They also usher in some great investment opportunities and the country definitely will jupm at it. 

Cambodia is going to encourage China to introduce more direct flights between the two countries. The Kongdom is putting a lot of effort to improve their hospitality sector, and strengthening services. 

The only dark cloud on the horizon of Chinese tourism to Cambodia is that the overwhelming majority of Chinese travellers tend to use services provided by the Chinese operators. It means that so-called zero tours make people involved in hospitality industry in Cambodia face a huge problem inevitably provoking negative reaction to the latest travel trends.




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