Hike Up Nam Lyr Mountain for Lunar Landscapes of Mondulkiri Province

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Hike Up Nam Lyr Mountain for Lunar Landscapes of Mondulkiri Province

Mondulkiri Province in Cambodia located in the eastern part of the country and bordering Vietnam is home to Phnom Nam Lyr Wildlife Sanctuary, a large protected area of pristine forests. Nam Lyr Mountain is one of the wonders of the wildlife sanctuary.

Nam Lyr Mountain, also knon as Phnom Lu Bran, is a giant rock formation. With its smooth greyish colour with brown and red splashes of moss here and there it looks absolutely cosmic.

The Phnom Nam Lyr Wildlife Sanctuary sits at an altitude of 1,300 m. The mountain rises high from lush green of rubber plantations and forests at its foothills. While not widely known to international visitors, the mountain attracts local crowd daily, especially during the Vietnamese and Khmer new year. From time to time, the Bunong minority ethnic group indigenous to the area holds spectacular prayer ceremony on the mountain and visiting during this period is highly recommended.

The mountain is also a great observation point to appreciate a bird's eye panorama of the surrounding area. Yet a hike to the peak is relatively strenuous. The surface of the rock is quite smooth, and the climb is steep what makes it rather challenging. For unexperienced hikers, there are guides in Bou Sra village offering their services to those who dare to climb Nam Lyr.

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