Sri Lanka Introduces E-Permits for National Parks

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Sri Lanka Introduces E-Permits for National Parks

In Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife partnered with the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology to launch e-service for visitors of several national parks in the country who are now able to obtain entry e-pertmits starting from January, 14. 

The new service will enhance visitors' experience and control the number of tourists to deal with overcrowding in certain parks. For each park, only a limited number of permits is allowed per day and it will not be possible to gain entry above the numbers specified. Charges are be also collected online and based on the number of visitors in the permit and the type of the vehicle entering the park. 

E-permits are currently available for Wilpattu National Park only but before the end of the year the list of the national parks supporting the e-permit system will be expanded. In 2020, all 11 major park of Sri Lanka will offer visitors fully operational e-service.

Currently there are 26 national parks in Sri Lanka and new additions are planned soon. The Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) is eyeing the possibility of developing new national parks which will be characterized by high quality preservation of nature, huge biodeversity and provide the best experience for high end tourists interested in wildlife. 



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21 February 2019

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