Bali Restaurants to Rely on Local Produce

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Bali Restaurants to Rely on Local Produce

A new regulation issued by the Bali provincial administration obligates hotels, restaurants and catering services on the island to rely on local agricultural produce. Bali supermarkets are also ordered to supply more of locally produced agricultural products. 

This step is prompted by the desire to support local farmers and actually also concerns fishery and industrial products produced on the island. According to the regulation, at least 30% of all the agricultural, fishery and industrial products as well as at least 10% of meat products used by Bali hospitality sector should be of local origin. For supermarkets, these limits are even higher – 60% for agricultural and livestock products and 30% for fishery products should be sourced locally. The new regulation encourages hotels, restaurants and supermarkets to partner with farmers, small enterprise and cooperatives.

While the initiative sounds good, in fact the majority of hotels and resorts in Bali have been relying on local produce for years importing only what cannot be sourced on the island. But almost all of them preferred to buy via bigger suppliers who could guarantee timely delivery, offer a wider choice, and accept payment by installments. The new regulation obliges the hotels to buy from farmers directly and to pay in cash only. Will vacation-makers finally benefit from this initiative? Unlikely.



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