Thailand Tourism Festival 2019 to Support Sustainable Travel

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Thailand Tourism Festival 2019 to Support Sustainable Travel

The annual Thailand Tourism Festival 2019 this year will take place in Bangkok’s Lumphini Park from January 23 till January 29 and will promote environmentally-friendly and sustainable travel.

The festival is organized in order to inspire both locals and tourists to travel more and visit less popular destinations. Five tourist villages will be set in Lumphini park, each representing one of the regions of Thailand: the Central region, the North, the East, The Northeast (Isan) and the South. Each village will showcase signature experiences, activities, cuisine and cultural traditions characteristic for the region and make visitors acquainted to the most interesting sights, attractions and destinations within the region. There will be stages for performances set in each village so the guests of the festival will be able to appreciate rich cultural heritage of each area.

What to expect in each zone?

Central Region Zone – come here to feel the heritage of old Siam and see a traditional Thai house. Garland making master class will be held here, too.

Northern Zone is the place to come for  beautiful handwoven cotton and silk textiles.

Southern Zone makes an accent on hidden gems like Phatthalung with less attention to the islands which are already world-known.

Northeastern (Isan) Zone is the paradise for foodies with local cuisine being one of the major inspirations for visiting the region.

Finally, Eastern Zone will let you see replicas of some of the most prominent landmarks of the eastern part of the country.

The most important part of the fair is 'Reduce-Reuse-Recycle' theme aiming at raising awareness of waste problem and promoting responsible sustainable tourism through various activities, games and more.



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