Cambodia Gets Its First Luxury Tented Camp

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Cambodia Gets Its First Luxury Tented Camp

Shinta Mani Hotels added one more luxurious property in Cambodia to their portfolio of three resorts – Shinta Mani Angkor Bensley Collection, Shinta Mani Resort and Shinta Mani Shack Angkor late last year.

Shinta Mani Wild Bensley Collection is a luxury tented camp located deep in the jungle in the very heart of the three Cambodia's most important parks – Kirirom, Bokor and Cardamom. Together, these three parks form one of the greatest wilderness areas in the Southeast Asia featuring a mountain range, rainforest, pristine coast and river estuaries and teeming with wild life including elephants, gibbons and other animals. 

The brand-new tented camp combines world-class design and traditional Khmer hospitality. At the same time, it focuses on substantial tourism putting a lot of effort into conservation of natural resorses and minimizing the impact of tourism on the environment.

There are 15 tents in the camp, 100 sq m each, out of which 14 tents are one-bedroom accommodation and one – a 140 sq m two-bedroom tent. All the tents are set along a one-and-a-half stretch of the river with waterfalls. The tents are supposed to render the atmosphere of a luxury safari in the depths of Cambodian jungle as experienced by Jacky O', who travelled the country with King Sihanouk back in 1967.

Obviously, such luxury comes at a price with the lowest rates starting from USD2,345 per night. The rate is inclusive of all the meals, tours, spa treatments and land transfers though you will need to pay extra for a heli transfer. If you are above 13 y.o. and are ready to stay in the camp minimum for three nights, wild luxury's calling for you.

Photo Credit: Shinta Mani 



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