Hangzhou and Huangshan Are Now Linked by High-Speed Train

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Hangzhou and Huangshan Are Now Linked by High-Speed Train

A high-speed railway link between Hangzhou, in the southern province of Zhejiang, China, and Huangshan, in Anhui province, also in the south, is now operational from yesterday, December, 25. 

The whole project took four years to get completed and costed 35 billion RMB what is equal to $5 billion USD. The total length of this high-speed stretch is 265 km and the line features nine stations – starting from Hangzhou and travelling west they are Fuyang, Tonglu, Jiande, and Chun’an counties, all in the western part of Zhejiang, and then Sanyang Village, Jixi and Shexian, and finally Huangshan, all in Anhui province.

The railway line cuts through some of the most picturesque landscapes of the area, including seven 5A scenic spots such as West Lake, Thousand Islands Lake, Huangshan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Xidihong Village, and some 4A scenic spots such as Tonglu Yaolin Wonderland, Linan Daming Mountain, and Qiyun Mountain.

The high-speed train between Hangzhou and Huangshan will travel at a speed of 250 kmh thus cutting travel time between the two destination from the current three and a half hours to mere 90 minutes. During the trial period from now till January, 4, there will be 11 pairs of trains serving this route; starting from January, 5, the number of the pairs will be tripled (33 pair trains).



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