Hainan Offers More Duty-Free Shopping

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Hainan Offers More Duty-Free Shopping

Hainan Island, a popular resort destination in China, further releases duty-free shopping restrictions effective from December, 1.

Till recently the yearly quota of duty-free purchases was set at RMB 16,000, what is equivalent to USD 2,100. Starting from December, 1, 2018, the upper limit is RMB 30,000 or USD 4,300. The number of purchases is not limited any more, either. The duty-free list of goods has been enlarged with some home medical appliances making it to the shelves of duty-free shops as well as more luxury products from around the world.

Arguably the most important amendment now allows to shop duty-free both to travellers and locals. The local Hainan residents are now eligible for the same duty-free quota what is actually a welcome initiative as before the limit for locals was RMB 8,000, twice as low compared to the travellers' quota.

Cities of Haikou and Qionghai, both in Hainan province, will get two more tax-free shops in addition to the existing ones. In the first half of 2018 the duty-free sales in Hainan showed a 24.1 percent rise on year-on-year bases and reached RMB 5.29 billion.



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