Philippines Eye Occidental Mindoro As a Sustainable Tourism Hub

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Philippines Eye Occidental Mindoro As a Sustainable Tourism Hub

Stunningly beautiful rice paddies, towering mountain ranges, pristine white sand beaches and rich underwater world teeming with marine life – looks like the province of Occidental Mindoro can develop into an important sustainable tourism hub. 

While not completely off the beaten track, for many tourirsts Occidental Mindoro remains yet a mere stop on their route further to Coron Island. But the province does offer its fair share of natural attractions and activities deserving to be included into your Philippines itinerary.

San Jose
A short longtail boat ride brings you to the tiny White island fringed with corals for a credible Robinson Crusoe experience. The nearby Ilin island is home to a chapel which is widely believed to be 'miraculous'. 

A small town an hour and a half by van from San Jose is the place of where the waves meet. The famous Apo Reef Natural Park is easily reachable from here and only 105 tourists a day are permitted to stay there.

Pandan Grande Island
A perfect getaway from the urban noise and pollution, the island is a good place for scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. For more leisurely paced experience it is possible to make a tour on a glass-bottom boat.

Rizal is where you can get in touch with Mindoro's icon animal - the tamaraw. The tamaraw Gene Pool Farm is one of the few places where these animals successfully breed in captivity.



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