Laos-China High-Speed Rail Project to Attract Investment, Tourists to Laos

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Laos-China High-Speed Rail Project to Attract Investment, Tourists to Laos

The construction of the high-speed Laos-China railway link is in full swing. Laos hopes to put this  major investment project in operation in the course of two years. But will the country really benefit from it?

The new railway stretch will link the capital of Laos, Vientiane, to its northern outpost of Luang Namtha, on the border with China. While for a long time Laos has been suffering from its landlocked position, now, with the high-speed rail becoming a reality soon, there is a chance for the country to become a land bridge for the whole Asian region. 

Looks like the rail project promises prosperity to Laos – indeed, many countries which act as transit hubs or routes do benefit from trade and distribution of goods and services. It will most probably attract Chinese investment to the country which is already the dominant property investors in Vientiane.

The speed rail will definitely boost tourism, facilitating overland travel all around the region. There is enough tourist traffic between China and Thailand and with the speed rail project operational there will be a good chance the tourists will consider a stop in Laos en route. 



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