Will Gunungkidul Become a New Bali Soon?

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Will Gunungkidul Become a New Bali Soon?

Just only a several years ago the Gunungkidul regency of Yogyakarta used to be nothing more than a poor, barren and dry region suffering from short water supply. But today tourist are flocking to the area. Why?

As soon as the water supply issue has been solved, unspoiled natural beauty has become the main draw of Gunungkidul. There are beautiful beaches, karst mountains, a prehistoric river, challenging caves of unparallel beauty with opportunities for adventure tourism abounding. As till recently the region has been largely out of radar of travellers, the local culture, amazingly rich, is preserved in all its authenticity. 

The local authorities are sure it is just the beginning and that in the course of some 10 years Gunungkidul will be able to rival Bali in its tourist appeal – at least the elite resort of Nusa Dua, now a home to some of the most expensive resorts in Bali, used to be a deserted area, not much different from Gunungkidul. Does it mean Gunungkidul has a chance for transformation, too?

There is already a direct transport link between the coastal area of Gunungkidul and Yogyakarta international airport making the region easily accessible and the development of several resorts and bungalows on some of the most attractive beaches like Indrayanti Beach is well under way – they are expected to be fully operational in the very beginning of the next year. Well, welcome to Gunungkidul, then!



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