Yangon to Attract Tourists with Sunday and Night Markets

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Yangon to Attract Tourists with Sunday and Night Markets

While Yangon remains the most visited destination in Myanmar for foreign travellers, the municipal officials are looking to make the city even more attractive to tourists. 

Travel related service providers and regional government plan to set up more Sunday and night markets around the city to attract more tourists to Yangon.

Currently there is not a huge choice of Sunday markets in Yangon with Bogyoke Aung San Market being the only option available. The same refers to daily night markets – there is basically nothing more than 19th Street and Chinatown night markets with the Strand Road night market not really suitable for tourists. A new Sunday market in Maha Bandula Park and a night market along Yaytarshay Road near the eastern corner of Shwedagon Pagoda are being considered.

The Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association is ready to develop more shopping areas and souvenir shops to promote tourism in the city. It is somewhat an unexpected but welcome decision – while several countries in the region are doing their best to clear the streets from food stalls, Myanmar decides exactly the opposite – to attract tourists offering them authentic Asian experience of street food and market shopping. 



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