Diving to Submerged Ancient Villages and Temples in Maharashtra Becomes Possible Soon

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Diving to Submerged Ancient Villages and Temples in Maharashtra Becomes Possible Soon

The government of Maharashtra, India, are eying the possibility to develop underwater tourism in the state. And no, not along the Arabic Sea coast!

In 1969, the construction of the Ujjani Dam resulted in creation of the largest water reservoir in Maharashtra. While it became a very important source of drinking water for Pune, Solapur and Ahmednagar, several abandoned villages in the vicinity of the dam were submerged.

One of the submerged villages, Pedgaon Village, featured the historical Fort of Pedgaon also known as Dharmaveergad. The fort with its five ancient temples adorned with rare carved images of Laxman, Sita, Hanuman and Ravan is now under water. Not far from Pedgaon Village there is a famous Palasnath temple built between 9th and 11th century in Hemadpanti style and considered one of the finest architectural examples of the period. Following the success of underwater tours to the ancient city of Dwarka, in Gujarat, these two destinations may soon become reachable for divers, too.

Besides diving, the government is looking to develop other tourist attractions and activities in the region which will include sightseeing and boating. Camping facilities, several observation towers and landscape gardens will be constructed on the plot of land near Indapur, the starting point for underwater exploration. 



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