Yasothon Invites Tourists to Toomka Lantern Festival

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Yasothon Invites Tourists to Toomka Lantern Festival

In the end of October Thailand will celebrate the end of the Buddhist Lent with colourful festivals taking place across the country. This year, Yasothon is promoting its local version, the Toomka Lantern Festival, which offers a unique way to mark the holiday.

The way the end of Buddhist Lent is celebrated in Yasothin roots back in times and represents the ancient tradition of Ban Thung Tae, a village of Yasothon province. Westerners will probably findthis tradition somewhat familiar as toomka is a local fruit which is dried up and then adorned with carved ornaments and transformed into a lantern. Such lanterns are put on trees branches and houses with lit candles inside glowing mysteriously at night. Plern Chai Fai Toomka dance performed by thousands of dancers is another characteristic feature of Yasothon end of the Buddhist Lent festival.

This year, the festivities will take place from October 19 till October 23 with the main celebration scheduled for October 24 at Wat Burapa, Ban Thung Tae, Yasothon.

Yasothon is a northeastern province of Thailand. The easiest and most popular way to reach it from Bangkok is via a bus ride which takes about 8 hours. There is no airport in Yasothon with the closest air haven located in Roi Et (55 km) and Ubon Ratchathani (100 km).



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