Indonesia Wants to Develop Nomadic Tourism, Relies on Backpackers

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Indonesia Wants to Develop Nomadic Tourism, Relies on Backpackers

Backpackers and travellers on a budget, you are more than welcome in Indonesia – the Tourism Ministry has launched a special campaign to attract more nomadic adventure seekers to the country.

Statistics says that almost 40 million backpackers set their foot on a luring path of roaming the world annually, and Indonesia which has a wealth of diversenatural and often off-the-beaten-path attractions and activities to offer spread across the vast archipelago is a great destination for those who travel not just for beach-bumming. 

To make nomadic travel across Indonesia more attractive and hassle-free the Ministry will seek ways to offer tourists more affordable accommodation options which should include glamping, homepods and caravans. These types of accommodation do not require much time or money to organize but they are efficient especially if speaking about hard-to-reach islands. Similarly, instead of building more airports, it is suggested to use seaplanes or planes that can land on water to provide transportation options to the most remote places with poor connectivity. 

The nomadic tourism campaign is focused on 3 As: attractions, access, accommodation. During the initial stage of the project, 10 nomadic tourist spots in the country’s favourite destinations will be equipped.



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