Asian or Western Families: Make Your Guess Who Travel More Often

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Asian or Western Families: Make Your Guess Who Travel More Often

The recent Agoda's Family Travel Trens survey shows that Asian families tend to travel twice as much as their Western counterparts with over a third of all the interviewers reporting to have made at least five family trips during the last year, wow.

So let us see what kind of travel the Asian families prefer. 

As a general trend, they try to make several shorter holiday trips rather than one longer vacation a year. For example, the majority of the Vietnamese, Malaysians, and Chinese say they virtually never have two-week breaks but prefer three to four day vacations. This is also a pronounced trend with Thais and Filipinos with 77% and 62% of all the families vacationing over 5 times a year. In Britain, only 7% admitted they did a family break equally often.

Interestingly, for Asian travellers of whom Malaysians are a perfect example, the most important things they are after during vacation are quality time with the family (80%), relax and recreation (74%), new experience (52%). 

Over a half of Asian travellers include their grandparents in 'travelling with the family' concept with notable 66% of Thais and 54% of Indonesians doing so, while, e.g., only 20% of Australians travel with their grannies and grandpas, even less if to speak about the British.



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