Guess Where the World's Largest Dinosaur Hatchery Is!

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Guess Where the World's Largest Dinosaur Hatchery Is!

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, Gujarat, a Western Indian state, offers a wealth of religios sites from the first Jyotirlinga, the Somnat Temple, to the Sun Temple of Modhera. But not only. It is also one of the largest dinosaur fossil sites in the world.

Balasinor, a city in the eastern part of Gujarat state, has been known as the Jurassic Park of India since 1980s when dinosaur follils and bones were stepped upon in a routine geological survey of the area. It is an absolutely unique and amazing place but seriously underrated and still remaining out of the general radar of the travellers.

The main site where the majority of artefacts were found is located in the village of Raiyoli where the excavations unearthed over thousand fossilised eggs dating some 65 million years back. It is the third largest known dinosaur hatchery in the world with at least 13 different spicies of dinosaurs having lived there. Besides eggs, the excavations at Balasinor allowed to discover a new species of dinosaurs, Rajasaurus Narmadensis, a carnivorous theropod, similar to Majungasaurus.

Balasinor in best reached from Ahmedabad via a one and a half hour drive. From Balasinor to the Dinosaur Fossil Park Raioli–Balasinor it is just 16 km. A private car is your best bet or negotiate a transfer. It is also possible to visit the site as a part of Princess Aaliya's aka Dinosaur Princess, private tour.



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